Founded in 2008 by Wade Wallace, CyclingTips began as a humble blog; a place for Wade to share all of the 'cycling tips' he’d learned over the years.

Fast forward nine years and CyclingTips is a recognised cycling media outlet publishing news, tech reviews, interviews, feature articles and tips (of course) about our great sport. Whilst CyclingTips began as an Australian website, it has evolved into a global site, with a growing audience (and team) from all over the world!


The CyclingTips Emporium began as a place for us to share the brands and products we love, with our audience, as well as selling CyclingTips-branded apparel and accessories. We started with socks, hand-picking a unique selection from brands that you wouldn't find elsewhere, making it easier than ever to update your sock drawer.

Today, the CyclingTips Emporium exists to help cyclists discover and shop the latest cycling brands and products from all over the world. We are committed to helping new brands grow by opening them up to a global audience and giving them a platform to tell their story.

However, you won't find every single cycling brand or product under the sun here. The CyclingTips Emporium is a curated collection of the best cycling products and accessories. We only showcase brands and products that we would wear, use or buy ourselves, and we only promote products that we think resonate with our audience.

Put simply, when you explore the Emporium, you are shopping the best cycling brands and products from around the world, as curated by CyclingTips.


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