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Search and State: Made in New York

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We're pleased to be featuring American cycling apparel brand Search and State in the CyclingTips Emporium. Created by Devin O'Brien and Daniel Golden, the Search and State range caught our eye for its timeless style, clean lines and attention to detail.

Golden and O'Brien started Search and State over lunch one day in 2010 when they were both looking for new inspiration in their lives. Golden has 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, having developed an interest in the fit, fabrics and design of technical clothing when racing motorbikes as a kid. That interest led him to enrol into New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology before securing a role as assistant designer with Nautica in the early days of the brand.



When starting the brand, Golden's motive was to create a range that he wanted to wear that wasn't already available in the market, drawing inspiration from his time in the fashion industry and appreciation for quality and fabric. O’Brien, on the other hand, came to the brand with a background in production and creative agencies, and was looking to create something he was passionate about, after burning out working for a corporate giant.



The Search and State (SAS) range is all about simplicity, with an attention to detail and a focus on quality. It's the little details that really make the garments stand out. SAS jerseys are block colours (black, grey, white/navy) with a detailed weave in the fabric that creates a unique two-toned look and feel. 

The pair are extremely proud that all their items are handmade in New York's garment district in midtown Manhattan. Not only do they believe in the quality of craftsmanship that comes from the history in the area, but the simple fact that they're able to work with fabric suppliers, cutters, sewers and so on within the space of a few city blocks means they are able to control every step of the process. Their S1A riding jersey, for example, is a collaboration between eight different partners to ensure there is quality at every step.



While many brands are looking at ways to cut costs in their production lines by moving offshore, Search and State is committed to New York and to creating high-performance road cycling wear with a focus on clean aesthetics and quality of fit. 



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