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Rise of the micro-brands: the CyclingTips Emporium

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Today we’re excited to launch the second phase of our online store, the CyclingTips Emporium: a hand-picked selection of new and interesting cycling products from brands we love.

You may have seen the Sock Swag section of our store. It's a collection that features some great small brands we've been working with; brands we've been introducing to a wider audience by sharing them with you, our readers. In today’s open market, micro-brands have never had such a low barrier to entry with accessible manufacturing in the same facilities as established brands, social media to use for promotion, and a huge community of creative cyclists who long to create things they want to use themselves. It's never been a better time for new brands to have a crack at taking on some of the older players in the kit game and shaking up the industry.


Around the world there are now more cycling apparel brands than ever; so we can be sure that when a brand does make it they are offering something different to the rest. It’s no accident when a brand stands out, and it’s usually down to the dedication and passion of the people behind those brands. We want to help you discover awesome stuff you might not have otherwise seen, and help these brands be successful and support the awesome work they do.

MAAP F/W 2015 / CT

Today we’re launching the kit arm of our Emporium with well known brands Search and State, MAAP, The Pedla, Milltag and FYXO. And that's not to mention a long pipeline of niche and interesting products from small up-and-coming brands which will follow.

We look forward to bringing you new and interesting products in the months and years to come. Click through to check out our range of jerseys, knicks and women's apparel.

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