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Fyxo, A.K.A. Andy White, is a Melbourne and Aussie institution in the fixed, road, and MTB scene and has been since Mercx was on training wheels. To onlookers from afar, or those that are just new to the sport, it is hard to convey what Andy has contributed to our cycling culture.

Andy formed Fyxo in 2003, and has a long history as a bike courier and later an expert on  bicycle restoration. He has an eye for detail and appreciates the finer things. He was into cycling photography before it was cool and is behind the famous #BAAW hashtag (Bike Against A Wall). Andy confidently treads his own path, creating trends with one eye on the traditions of the past.

He’s the man behind Melburn Roobaix, and he’s also behind some of the coolest cycling accessories you’ll see. He’s genuine, passionate, and we’re happy to be able to share Fyxo with our audience all over the world.

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