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'I Am The Secret Pro' Base Layer

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The Secret Pro is a rarity. He speaks truth that nobody else can and has no need to fear repercussion. He doesn't tow the line. He's recklessly honest and for better or worse he lifts the lid on our beautiful sport.

Just like The Secret Pro, the base layer goes unseen and has a thankless but important job. Show your inner rebel.

This base layer is ideal for maintaining optimum body temperature in the heat or in the cold. In the days when fabrics were more basic, the pros used crudely to cut extra holes in their base layers to help them breath better, but those days are behind us. Sporful's super light breathable mesh keeps your temperature balanced, in cool or hot conditions.

An old superstition of the undershirt is that you wear it however it comes out of the wash. You don't turn it inside-out or right-side in, you wear it the way the washing machine gives it to you. Do this, and may all your training rides and races be blessed with good luck.

Base Layer Details:

  • Sportful BodyFit Pro Sleeveless
  • Features a super light breathable mesh to help keep your temperature balanced even in the hottest conditions.
  • Diablo Mesh front panel for thermo regulation
  • DRYnamic Mesh in contact areas for extra breathability

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