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Luft Cycling Cap

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In the unforgiving land of kermesse racing in Belgium it was said that back in the day riders who weren't in contention for the win would partake in a race of their own. The LUFT race, where the rider who crossed the line with the most LUFT on his cap without it falling off would win. Or so the story goes...

Lüft, the german word for air, or space. Many a debate has been had in cafés around the world as to how this word made its way into popular cycling culture and fashion.The chess players amongst us will be familiar with the word as a move to give the king room to breathe to stay out of check, thus giving the king luft.

For cyclists, luft is essential to perfecting the cafe look. Too high on the head and your cap is likely to blow off and ruin someone's meal, too low and blood flow will be restricted, reducing your chances of an intellectual post-ride coffee debate. As a rule of thumb, luft should be proportional to brow size.

The cycling cap is the cyclist's crown. It is both form and function, keeping sweat or rain out of your eyes, shielding you from the low sun in the Spring and Autumn, keeping your head warm, and of course, making you look damn cool in a way that non-cyclists just don't understand. 

Finer details of the cap:

  • Made in Italy by Sportful
  • 4-panel construction
  • One size fits all heads
  • Contains just the right amount of luft

      For more information on how to wear a cycling cap correctly, head here.

      Disclaimer: this cycling cap should only be worn with cycling kit and when one's helmet is not present, close adherence should be paid to obtaining correct lüft.

      Shipping details:

      Item ready to ship within 3 business days from Australia. For more information about shipping/ returns please head here.

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