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FACT: You can’t always trust the weather report. MAAP launches its latest collection as well as re-releases its lightest weight jersey to date following high demand globally. An insurance policy against unpredictable and extreme conditions, the new styles and M-Flag Ultra Light offer protection and relief against rain, wind, heat, and humidity.

Applying learnings from the pro peloton and a wide spectrum of training environments, MAAP’s March release and current collection features:

  • One of the most technically sound jackets on the market, the Block Out Jacket
  • MAAP’s lightest and most breathable jersey to date proven in the pro peloton, the M-Flag Ultra Light
  • Laser cut perforated back jersey pockets for improved airflow and temperature control in a key body hot spot – featured in the Men’s World’s Pro Hex, Women’s Line Pro Hex, and Men’s and Women’s Circuit Pro

MAAP’s commitment to the art and progression of cycling means that each new season brings with it new inspiration and innovations – whether it’s introducing a new fabric or an entirely new style, the goal is to always elevate and enhance the riding experience.


When asked how the M-Flag Ultra Light performs in Australia’s extreme heat during tough training conditions, Dylan Sunderland of Australia’s top-performing Continental race team Bennelong SwissWelless (sponsored by MAAP) had this to say, “When it's totally oppressive outside and you want to ride but can't beat the heat, the M-Flag Ultra Light Jersey keeps you cool and protected. It feels like you're wearing nothing at all, yet it's everything you need to ride at your best."

Continuing to explore and celebrate epic but underrepresented routes around the world, MAAP traveled to the remote and unpredictable western region of Tasmania with a crew of 6 ambassadors for 5 days of tough riding conditions while testing the latest collection. Proven in the field for progress on the road.

Adam Phelan, former Australian Pro Continental rider, joined MAAP in a remote part of Western Tasmania to test the latest collection and reported back on the Block Out Jacket following downpour on a morning ride, "It doesn’t happen all that often so when you put on a jacket that shields you from every single drop of water while still feeling as light and breathable as a summer jersey, you never take it off! It's like magic. And I love magic!"


A clean and minimal aesthetic drawing from the history of the sport as much as it is MAAP’s unique design point of view sets you apart on the road, while the advanced materials and custom engineered fits deliver the type of performance, comfort, and durability your dedication deserves.