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PEDLA - The Wilds Collection

​​The latest Pedla collection The Wilds is a part 2 release, building upon the WildCAMO we recently featured. The Wilds collection is a more reserved collection, featuring colours that both contrast and also integrate with the surrounding mountain ranges of the Australian alpines. Graphic design cues draw from the winding roads that both entice you up the mountain range, but also reward your effort on the way down with stunning vistas. This latest collection is now available on the Emporium.

THE WILDS Collection

"Our latest collection is inspired by the rugged beauty of Victoria’s alpine region. An area steeped in legend and untamed beauty. An Australian backdrop that both embraces and challenges her visitors. A magnet for adventurers. "


"A long time destination for those in search of stunning rides. From the bush-colours of her foothills. The subtle shifts in hue of her native leaves. The bark. The grasses."


"The distant hills cast in a passing cloud’s shadow. And then... The misty, chill-filled air that rolls in to alert riders: “prepare to climb”. To the locals. Those who greet the weary legs of a rider as they unsaddle from yet another exhilarating day of climbs."


Pedla continues to be one of our favourite brands, pushing the envelope and continually evolving its aesthetic and technical direction. This collection and the entire Pedla range are available to shop now on Emporium.